Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Crafty Swap: Knitted Mitts for a Gorgeous Clutch

Despite the fact that we haven't actually met in person, LeAnn clearly knows me well. The adorable clutch she sewed me for our crafty swap has the perfect colors, shape and style for my taste! In exchange for the clutch (and the super-cute pin cushions below) I knit LeAnn some fingerless mitts.

LeAnn and I met several months ago when she left a wonderful comment on a blog post I wrote about my disastrous showing at the craft fair. I felt compelled to track her down and thank her for her kind words, which really picked up my spirits. LeAnn (who at the time had a blog of her own about quilting) and I hit it right off. And after discovering that we have a truly freakish number of things in common, we started corresponding (very) regularly through e-mail. A little over a month ago, we both had the same thought at the same time (surprise, surprise) -- why not swap our wares? I'd knit LeAnn something and she'd sew something for me. We both quickly set to work, and a few weeks later I happily tore into a package from LeAnn. 

As you can see, LeAnn's very talented at her chosen craft!

Want to hear a few of the myriad ways LeAnn and I are alike?
-We both have a dog and a cat.
-We hail from Rocky Mountain states and both followed our husbands to new locales for their careers.
-Both of our names start with "L" and both of our husbands' names start with "J."
-We avoid wearing yellow and orange.
-We LOVE to read (although -- here's a difference! -- LeAnn loves her Kindle but I refuse to try out an e-reader).
-We have similar college degrees (journalism for me, English for LeAnn) that we're not using at our current jobs.
-We both love crafting and long-winded e-mails! :)
-The list goes on... and on, believe me! I'm so thankful to have found someone who is so similar to me in random ways as well as more serious ones. Our minds seem to be on the exact same wavelength!


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