Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday How-To: Yarn-Wrapped Napkin Rings

Hello, friends from Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop! This week's prompt is "Holiday How-To" and I thought I'd share my homemade yarn-wrapped napkin rings with you. They're super easy and cheap to make.


1. Gather your necessary supplies. You'll need a thick, sturdy cardboard tube. Saran Wrap tubes are fantatic. If you don't have one, you can always substitute a paper towel or toilet paper roll -- just note that it won't be as durable. You'll also need a utility knife, some yarn (about 18 feet per napkin ring), craft glue or hot glue, and some cute adornments.

2. Get a ruler and mark every inch on your cardboard tube. Cut the tube into 1-inch sections with your X-Acto knife. The cut doesn't have to be perfect since it'll be hidden by the yarn.

3. Cut off about 18 feet of yarn and wind it into a ball. Tape the tail to the inside of your cardboard tube and begin wrapping it. I wrapped mine twice around, getting any spots I missed on the first pass. Leave yourself a bit of a yarn tail -- you'll glue it to the ring with your decoration.

4. Get your adornmanets for the napkin rings. I used some rosettes that I knitted, but you could use a gazillion different things -- felt or fabric rosettes, buttons, cute little ornaments, small pinecones, jingle bells, ribbon, etc.

5. Glue your yarn tail to the napkin ring in the exact place you want your decoration to go. Then glue the adornment on top of the yarn tail and you're done!



  1. Cute project!

    New follower from Gussy :)

  2. what a fun tutorial! Thanks for sharing!! :)

    Stopping by from Gussy's...

  3. this is really a cute idea!

  4. Very creative and fun project to do.


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