Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Ten: "I Am..."

So I was just now doing a little blog cruising (when I should be thinking about what to make for dinner and folding laundry) and by way of a super-cute handmade bracelet on the Gussy Sews blog I found myself visiting a delightful blog called Miss Mommy. And Miss Mommy just happened to be hosting a link-up today called Tuesday Ten. One of the things I adore most in life is lists. The thought of having an excuse to share a list with you once a week is too much to resist, so I'm giving the Tuesday Ten link-up a go. Today's prompt is a fill-in-the-blank questionairre starting with "I am ___ right now." Interestingly, the very honest answers Miss Mommy herself filled into the blanks are very similar to my own thougts on life. But to avoid being redundant, I'll answer a little differently. Here goes!

1. I am... fantasizing about having another piece of Green and Black's 70% Dark Chocolate. Yum!
2. I wonder... where Jarrod and I will move after our three years in Hawaii is up. One thing I love about being a military spouse is the sense of adventure and excitement that comes with moving every three years.
3. I see... other bloggers with hundreds or thousands (or any number higher than 13) followers and feel very envious.
4. I want... A friend recently went to dinner at another couple's home and raved to me about the amazingly delicious gourmet dinner they served. I want to be the person being raved about.
5. I pretend... that I'm far more self-confident than I am.
6. I worry... incessantly. One thing I'm really worried about right now is my husband's squadron Christmas party Thursday night. It'll be the first time I've seen a former friend since the massive and horrible blow-up we had back in August. Sigh...
7. I cry... not very often. I hate everything about crying. But every once in a while, a good cry is just waht I need.
8. I hope... (selfishly) that Jarrod doesn't deploy to Afghanistan while we're in Hawaii. Or ever, if I'm being honest.
9. I dream... of having a job that I love, and where where I'll feel respected and valued, and know that I'm making an important contribution to society. Or at least a job that makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile.
10. I feel... vulnerable. This turned out to be a lot harder and more introspective that I imagined!

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  1. I'm totally stealing this idea from you. Just so you know. And I only have 13 followers and it makes me a little sad.


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