Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Aloha and happy 2013! This year promises to hold lots of new adventures for my husband and me as we move from Hawaii to Ohio and get settled into our new home for the next three years. As much as I'll miss Hawaii, I'm getting a bit more excited to wear some cold-weather clothes. Since I can't wear flip-flops in Ohio in February I'm going to have to find an awesome pair of brown leather boots!

I'm pretty happy with the way my fashion has evolved this year but I still have a couple wardrobe goals for the 2013:

*Give leggings a try.
*Wear my J.Crew bubble necklace more.
*Find some shorts that I actually like! As you can see, I wear jeans every day even though I live in Hawaii -- the land of shorts and flip-flops. I just can't ever find shorts that are comfortable and fit right. But that's not going to cut it for Ohio's hot, humid summers!
*Stop buying clothes that I don't really LOVE just because they're cheap. Maybe take it a step further and go for quality over quantity!

As always, I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. Happy first Wednesday of 2013!



  1. YES!! Give leggings a try...you'll never go back :-)

    I have that same Old Navy shirt (the last one) but in yellow!

  2. Love the striped outfit and the plaid shirt! I have been trying to buy only stuff I love, too but it is hard when you find stuff that is cheap and cute. Hope the move goes smoothly!


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  3. Cute outfits. I think you will miss your flip flops though. I like your necklace that you got at the craft fair on Kauai.


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