Monday, February 11, 2013

My Week in Pictures

my week

This past week has been a big one for us -- after a nice, relaxing week with my family in Colorado, we continued our journey from Hawaii to Ohio where we will spend the next three years. It's been fun to eat at some restaurants and shop at some stores we didn't have in Hawaii (like Olive Garden and Sonic), and to try some new places like the famous Skyline Chili. The weather is much, much colder and the days are alternately decent and drearily overcast, but I've enjoyed getting to wear (i.e. bundle up in) some of my new winter clothes.

1. Goodbye, Colorado! (That's Pikes Peak in the background.)

2. We stopped at Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City for dinner. I had a drool-worthy dinner of ribs, pulled pork and potato salad. Jarrod had ribs and brisket, and Conan -- of course -- got to sample everything.
3. We arrived in Ohio on Tuesday night, and Wednesday morning I found Lily camping out in one of my travel bags.
4. We sampled Skyline Chili on Wednesday, which was overcast and gloomy and just screamed for soup!
5. Except Skyline Chili isn't exactly soup! You can get it in a runnier form (which Jarrod did, along with some chili dogs, and which I decided I preferred). I got the "five-way" chili, which is spaghetti noodles, chili, beans and onions. Everything comes with huge baggies of shredded cheese for topping as desired.
6. We spent the weekend house-hunting with our realtor and we caught this sunset on the way home Sunday night. Corn fields and woods are a big change from ocean and sand, but lovely in their own way. 

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