Thursday, October 31, 2013

My B-Day + Fall Colors: John Bryan State Park

Last Sunday was my 28th birthday, and while we didn't do anything as cool as parasailing down Waikiki Beach (what we did for my 27th birthday) I had a really wonderful time. We spent Friday evening and Saturday in Indiana with my grandma and aunt and uncle. It was the first time I'd spent my birthday with family in years, and I got two delicious cakes out of the deal, plus an amazingly good dish of apple dumplings from my grandma.

On Sunday we decided to check out John Bryan State Park about 20 minutes away from us near Yellow Springs, Ohio. Before we left I couldn't resist snapping a few shots of our gorgeous maple tree. Over the course of the week its morphed from yellow-orange to a fiery orange-red and it is absolutely beautiful!
Anyway, on to John Bryan State Park! There are a few easy trails in the park and we randomly selected one that took us down to the Little Miami River.
It was definitely beautiful, but I was a little disappointed that most of the leaves had already changed and departed their branches. We'll know for next year to go a little earlier.
This was my favorite spot of our walk.
On the way back we passed this pretty scene in Yellow Springs.
And then we passed this kooky Roswell scene in Fairborn, the town where I work. There's a big Halloween store called Foy's in the little downtown, and apparently giant carriages, headless horseman, 9-foot-tall monsters and aliens start popping up in October. The store is right by the library, and I've enjoyed driving past the Ghost Busters car parked out front every time I go to work!

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  1. Happy Birthday to YOU! Such pretty pictures from your hike. Are you getting used to the changing of the seasons yet? So different than Hawaii.


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