Sunday, November 3, 2013

Boo to You: Our Jack-o-Lanterns

How was your Halloween? Was it filled with adorable skeletons and ladybugs and ninjas coming to your door? Ours was extremely blustery with wind and rain, but the kids braved the elements anyway. I completely understand -- there no way I'd have ever missed out on trick-or-treating because of the weather!
We're thousands of miles from the best pumpkin patch in America (happy pumpkins live in Hawaii, don't you know) but we still had a fun time carving our pumpkins this year. Conan picked the boxer silhouette all on his own, by the way.
And I had to include this picture of our fiery red-orange maple tree in the front yard. I don't know if I've ever lived anywhere that has such a stunning array of fall colors as Ohio!

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  1. Your pumpkins came out so neat this year. I love Conan's boxer pumpkin. Jealous of your very red leaves. So pretty.


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