Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Turning The Page On October

October is my favorite month of the year -- it brings changing leaves, pumpkin shopping, my birthday, Halloween and the very beginnings of the holiday season. This October was a great one, with German food, birthday cake, fiery orange and red trees, some very successful shopping trips (new sweaters, socks and sweatpants!) and a few decent books read. And we passed the halfway point in Conan's chemotherapy for his canine lymphoma, which makes everyone smile!

Books Read:

Book I'm Most Excited to Read in November:
Next up in the reading queue is the third installment in Rick Riordan's more grown-up Percy Jackson spinoff, the Lost Hero series.
Knitting Projects Completed:
101313 New Camera Pics, Knitting, Animals
What's On the Knitting Agenda for November:
I'm still working on my Splitstone Vest and Library Cardigan, and I'm anxiously awaiting the final two clues in the mystery shawl knit-along from Wild Prairie Knits. I also just started a mitten garland to hang under the mantel at Christmastime and a scarf for myself. And somewhere in there I need to knit a few Christmas gifts!

Most Listened-To Song on Spotify:

Favorite Memory:
October was filled with wonderful times, and I especially enjoyed my birthday weekend. We visited my grandma, aunt and uncle in Indiana Friday evening and Saturday, and it was a real pleasure to spend my birthday with family for the first time in several years. Sunday we were back in Ohio and we took a walk through John Bryan State Park for some fall foliage viewing. The weather was beautiful and it was so nice to enjoy being outside before the winter drear sets in. On top of that, I crushed my fantasy football opponent and my Broncos won!
Most Looking Forward to in November:
Movies! I'm excited to see "Catching Fire," "Ender's Game" and "The Book Thief," all of which, coincidentally, are based on books I've read.

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  1. Love all your fall pictures. Your gingerbread man came out cute along with your candy corn garland. Very creative! Happy Fall!


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