Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top 10 Things I'm Thankful For

This week's Top Ten Tuesday prompt at The Broke and the Bookish is the top 10 things you're thankful for, book-related or otherwise. I have plenty to be thankful for this year and always, and it was hard to choose just 10!
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1. I'm thankful for...
My wonderful family, and that I've gotten to see my mom, dad and brother twice this year. I have an awesome husband and we love our son (who just happens to be of the furry variety) like crazy. The cat's ok, too.
2. I'm thankful for...
The year and three months we've had with Conan since his lymphoma diagnosis in August 2012. And I'm thankful that we can afford the chemotherapy that's given us that extra year.
 3. I'm thankful for...
National parks. Jarrod and I have been to some amazing ones: Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii; Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado; Big Bend National Park in Texas; and Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee (above). One of my life goals is to visit every one of American's stunning national parks.
 4. I'm thankful for...
Good books! There's nothing like getting absorbed in the pages of an excellent story, and there are so many different ones to choose from. I can learn transfiguration with Harry Potter, survive a WWII POW camp with Louis Zamperini, or ride along with bounty hunter extraordinaire Stephanie Plum in all her misadventures.

5. And...
Libraries. Not only do I enjoy working at one, but I've always appreciated the vast number of shelves filled with endless adventures -- all FREE for the taking (er, borrowing).

6. I'm thankful for...
Sunny days!
 7. I'm thankful for...
Luxurious, buttery soft merino wool yarn. And my ability to knit. At least I'll have one skill to contribute if the zombie apocalypse ever happens.
8. I'm thankful for...
The three years we got to spend in Hawaii. Oh, the adventures we had. Sea turtles, flowing lava, stunning waterfalls, powdery tan sand, brown sand, black sand, green sand, monk seals, coral reefs, parasailing, 80-degree weather year round. Sigh...
 9. But I'm also thankful for:
Our time in Ohio. Sure, it's frigid and dreary half the year and there's reeeeally not a whole lot to do, but I'm grateful that we get to spend three years just a couple hours away from my grandma and relatives. And Ohio does have its attributes, like an adundance of delicious sweet corn. And this state gives a new meaning to the term "fairs and festivals"!
10. I'm thankful for...
My best friend Katie. And that she taught me to make sushi (vegetarian for me) when I visited her in Dallas this summer. That was a revelation, and sushi now has a regular rotation on our meal list. Yummmmm! I'm also thankful that Katie will be here to visit in two weeks, and that I get to see her more often now that we live in Ohio.

What are you most grateful for this Thanksgiving? Happy Turkey Day!


  1. Great list! I wish I could knit. And I'm so jealous that you've been to Volcanoes National Park! I've been to Big Bend and the Rockies. Both were so beautiful in different ways. Visiting all the national parks is an awesome goal to have!

  2. Great things to be thankful for. We have some of the same ones, family and friends, great books to read, and fun places to viist. Of course the extra time to enjoy with Conan. Love my Conan calendar!


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