Friday, October 3, 2014

Chicago/Lollpalooza 2014: Days 3-4

Ahh, Chicago. It was so fun looking back through these pictures (though tough to choose which ones to post from the gazillion that we took!). We had an awesome time and I'm so glad we experienced the craziness that is Lollapalooza and got to see some of the touristy sites.

You can see our first two days here (deep-dish pizza, The Bean, the Chicago Art Institute). Below is the rest of the adventure. We took a Chicago Architecture Foundation boat tour and went up to the 94th floor of the Hancock Building to see the stunning view. I really hope we'll be able to go back to Chicago before we move from Ohio. We definitely made the most of our limited time, but there's soooo much more to see and do and eat!
Couldn't resist a picture of the library! Too bad we didn't have time to go inside.
We all enjoyed our boat tour through the Chicago Architecture Foundation and I would highly recommend it. The boat ride was relaxing and educational and I learned a few interesting things about architecture, a subject I know next to nothing about. I would absolutely do another tour through the company. They have several to choose from and I'd love to do a walking tour.
Me, Andy and the Willis Tower.
People call these twin structures "the corncobs" but we learned on our tour that they were actually designed as flowers. I'm sure the architect wants to punch people in the face every time they liken his flowers to corn!
I love the gorgeous styling of that building just to the right of the clock tower. Beautiful!
Back at Lolla. Foster the People!
The next morning we did "Chicago 360" at the Hancock Building -- i.e. an elevator ride up 94 floors to check out the view. Too bad there was no zipline like in "Divergent." They should really look into adding that! We did do something called "The Tilt," where we stood on a platform that tipped 30 degrees outward from the side of the building so we were looking toward the ground. Pretty cool, but I was hoping for more of an adrenaline rush. Now, about that zipline...
Lake Michigan. Apparently this part is still pretty toxic, as is the river. Don't fall in, unless you want your skin to melt off!
More stunning architecture!
There's a water cannon that goes off every hour across the river! This was the view from our hotel, Swissotel.
Last day of Lolla! Exhausted, sore, muddy and devoid of all desire to be around other humans, but we survived! Thank you, gray Converse, for getting me through the weekend. I couldn't have done it without you!

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