Sunday, September 6, 2015

Monday Musings (from Colorado)

Highlight of the week: We're in Colorado visiting my parents for the week and it's been so nice to see them and enjoy the absolutely stunning scenery of my home state. On Sunday we hiked to Lost Lake, a beautiful turquoise lake tucked high up in the mountains. We definitely noticed the altitude change -- it was a fairly short and easy hike, but we were huffing and puffing! (More pics on my Instagram!)



Reading: Last week I read "The Book of Speculation," which was a pretty cool book that earned four stars (review to come one of these days). On the flight I started a book I've been waiting for the library to get forever -- "Rubbernecker" by U.K. author Belinda Bauer. It's about a super-smart medical student with Asperger's who notices something fishy going on with the cadavers. So far, so good!

Knitting: I didn't have much time to knit this week, but I did get started on the sleeve of my BlueSand Cardigan. I've had such a good time working on an actual garment that I already bought a pattern for my next cardigan!

 Watching: We got caught up on the first two episodes of "Fear the Walking Dead" and I'm totally into it! It's totally different from the regular "Walking Dead" as it deals with the beginning of the zombie infestation and it's actually way more terrifying. We were a little skeptical before we started watching, but Jarrod and I both like it so far.

Eating: If you ever have a chance to eat at Rudy's BBQ, do it!!!! We first discovered Rudy's when we were stationed in middle-of-nowhere Del Rio, Texas, and it was pretty much the only good thing about living there. Now there's one in Colorado Springs -- yay!


Looking forward to: The rest of the week here in Colorado! Jarrod and I are going to drive up Pikes Peak and head up north to Rocky Mountain National Park. And we're going to see "A Walk in the Woods" at the theater with my mom. And of course I'm going to enjoy spending as much time with my family as possible -- I usually only get to see them once or twice a year so it's a treat! :)


  1. Colorado is such a beautiful state—I hope to spend more time there someday. Glad you're enjoying yourself and your reads!

    1. Obviously I'm a bit biased, but I think Colorado is one of the very best states in the country! There's so much to see and do and eat and drink. There's plenty of sunshine. There're stunning mountains to explore... Sigh. ;) What parts of Colorado have you been to?


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