Sunday, September 20, 2015

Monday Musings


Highlight of the week: We had a wonderful Sunday! It was the perfect weather for doing something outside -- which was lucky because I was already planning to drag poor Jarrod to the Wool Gathering festival in the next town over, a big event all about fiber arts! We also scoured the fields for our perfect pumpkins and enjoyed apple cider slushies from a local orchard. Oh yeah, and we had a super-healthy lunch of white cheddar cheese curds with house-made ranch dressing. Mmmmmm. Pumpkins, yarn, fried cheese and sunshine. Pretty damn good day!

As for a bad but interesting highlight, some kids set off a stink bomb in the library while I was working on Saturday. I had never experienced the horrors of a stink bomb before -- and I actually initially blamed the rotten-egg smell on a poor elderly gentleman I was helping before we all realized that it was something waaaay worse than mere flatulence.

Reading: I am SO terribly behind on book reviews, but I have actually been doing a lot of reading lately. I finished "War of the Encylopaedists" by Christopher Robinson and Gavin Kovite (4 stars), blew through "Kitchens of the Great Midwest" (4.5-5 stars, not yet decided), and read a local true crime book called "The Girl on the Volkswagen Floor" (3 stars) about an unsolved murder in a Dayton suburb in the '60s. The book had been circulating among my co-workers at the library with good reviews, but I was a little disappointed in it. At least I read it in a day! Now I'm on to "The Dog Master" by W. Bruce Cameron. I also signed up for R.I.P. X, a fun event centered on reading scary books (mysteries, thrillers, horror, etc.) this fall!

Knitting: This week I finally had a chance to finish sleeve #1 of my BlueSand Cardigan. It went from looking like a wonky vest-y thing to a potentially wearable garment! I got started on the second sleeve last night while Jarrod was watching football. After that I'll have to finish the pockets, sew in a gazillion yarn ends, block and then... I'll have knitted a sweater! I've enjoyed this project so much that I already picked out -- and ordered yarn for -- my next sweater. It'll be Recoleta by Joji Locatelli, knit in Malabrigo Rios in teal.


Watching: "The Age of Adaline." I really, really wanted to see it in the theater but didn't have time. And I'm actually kind of glad I didn't. It wasn't bad by any means, but it definitely wasn't as fantastic as I expected. I thought the movie would be focused mostly on Adaline's "past" lives, but it was really just about present-day. I wanted so much more information and background. We're also still really enjoying "Fear the Walking Dead."

Considering watching: A lot of the new fall shows start this week! I always seem to pick the absolute worst new shows to try, but I'm considering checking out "Code Black," "Quantico," "Blindspot," "The Bastard Executioner," "Limitless," "Life in Pieces"  and "The Grinder" Or maybe none of them... I still have tons of stuff on the DVR to get caught up on -- and as I said, I have pretty much the worst track record ever when it comes to deciding which new shows to watch!

Eating: Young's Dairy cheese curds. De-lish.

Shopping for: Ankle boots. And I'm having a pretty tough time finding some that match the vision I have in my head. I bought five new shirts this week, so my fall must-do shopping is pretty much done other than the elusive booties.

Following: @andrewknapp on Instagram. Processing new books at the library Saturday I came across one called "Find Momo," which is kind of like "Where's Waldo" with beautiful photographs and a cute border collie. Check it out! (Andrew Knapp is Momo the dog's daddy.)

Looking forward to: Making apple dumplings with the fresh Cortland apples I picked up at a local orchard yesterday! Perfect dessert for the first week of fall.

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