Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Musings

This sleepy kitty was on board with our plan to spend the weekend relaxing!

Highlight of the week: Jarrod and I spent the whole weekend at home, in our lounge clothes, relaxing and getting stuff done around the house. Copious amounts of football were watched, Buffalo Wild Wings take-out was consumed, many pages were read... It was just fantastic. After our busy last couple months, I was really looking forward to having a whole entire weekend to stay at home! (Seriously, I didn't leave the house once, and it was divine!)

Reading: I finished "Lord of the Wings," the newest Meg Langslow cozy mystery by Donna Andrews. It was Halloween-themed, so it was a perfect October read. Now I'm reading "After You," the new sequel to Jojo Moyes' amazing "Me Before You." It's good so far; not as good as "Me Before You," but that would be an impossible feat.

Knitting: My Gryffindor scarf is complete! I needed it for my Hermione Granger Halloween costume to wear to work at the library and that was the motivation I needed to finally get it finished up. You can see it here. I'm really happy with the way it came out! I also finished weaving in ends on a fair isle hat I knit a few months ago. Pictures of my crazy multi-colored hat to come soon!

Watching: "Magic Mike XXL." I felt "meh" about the first movie -- not enough plot, not enough raunch -- but this one was shockingly decent! It made me laugh, we actually got to learn a little bit about the characters, and it was really kinda charming. I was pleasantly surprised!

Listening to: All about the band Glass Animals at the moment!

Eating: Last night I made a big pot of vegetable soup for dinner and chocolate chip pumpkin bread for dessert. Can't think of a better combo for a cool fall day!

Looking forward to: My 30th birthday is coming up a week from tomorrow. I'm not exactly thrilled about the end of my 20s, but I really can't ever complain about an excuse to eat as much cake as I want!


  1. Mm, chocolate chip pumpkin bread. I was just thinking about making some muffins myself.

    Happy almost birthday! :)

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Only two more days left of my 20s now... eek! I've pretty much devoured the loaf of pumpkin bread. Did you make your muffins? With chocolate chips? I think chocolate chips make everything better. ;)


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