Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Musings


Highlight of the week: We spent most of last week on vacation in the Smoky Mountains to celebrate my 30th birthday. The leaves were stunning, and as always we felt refreshed and revitalized after our relaxing time in the mountains. I also had a blast dressing up at work for Halloween. Here's a look at my Hermione Granger costume.

Reading: I finished "The Thirteenth Tale" by Diane Setterfield (amazing) and started "The Lair of Dreams" by Libba Bray, the second book in the Diviners series. It's decent so far, but the first book came out a couple years ago and I hardly remember what happened, so it's taking some time to get back into the story.

Knitting: Nothing. :(  This needs to be rectified.

Watching: Black bears, falling leaves, raindrops and Krispy Kreme donuts that magically migrate from the box to my mouth. Not much TV and no movies.

Eating: Vacation food -- donuts, blackberry cobbler, barbeque; all the good stuff.

Looking forward to: Putting out Thanksgiving decorations! And scouring the clearance racks for short-sleeve shirts and tank tops. We just found out we're moving back to Hickam AFB in Hawaii this winter, so I've got to stock up on summer clothes!

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