Thursday, January 19, 2017

I Judge Books By Their Covers: The Comet Seekers

Last week I wrote about several 2016 book releases I missed out on, and "The Comet Seekers," a novel set in Antarctica and described as a cross between "The Time Traveler's Wife" and "One Day," was on the list. It was one of my most-anticipated books last year and I really hope to get to it soon. I have a special affinity for books set in cold places like Alaska and Antarctica! I noticed that it's got two pretty different covers, so I thought it was a great opportunity for a cover battle!

U.S. // U.K.

These covers have an awful lot in common -- a wintry setting, a tent, two human figures, a serif font and, of course, a comet. But this contest is hands-down for me -- I always gravitate toward artsy covers over more realistic, photograph-style ones and I love the U.K. cover. The illustration is just gorgeous, and I enjoy the subtle pops of color mixed with silhouettes. It sounds like the story has a bit of a whimsical tinge to it and the U.K. cover certainly conveys that feeling, along with a sort of joyful coziness, fostered in part by the warmly-lit tent and the glittering stars. I have no idea if that's an accurate depiction of the story's tone, but I sure do like it. There's nothing wrong with the U.S. cover, but I find the U.K. version to be marvelous!

Do tell: which cover do you prefer?


  1. I love both of them! I think either would draw me in to learn more about the book.

  2. These are actually more similar than I've seen a lot of US/UK covers. That being said, I am still drawn to the UK one more. I like the trees in the background as opposed to the giant glacier/snow formation.

  3. I totally agree - the UK cover is superior. The US one has a nice picture actually, but I think the border and the cartoonish-ness of the comet detracts from it.


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