Sunday, January 15, 2017

Random Musings on "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" (Spoiler Alert!)

I'm super late to the game here, but I decided a little belatedly (in October) to re-watch the last three seasons before "A Year in the Life," and I was working on finishing up season 7 before diving into the four new episodes. I finally watched them, and below are some random, in no-particular-order thoughts.

I'd love to hear what you thought of the revival!

*I really wasn't impressed with the Winter and Spring episodes, but Summer gave me hope and I did really enjoy Fall. Fall was what I wanted all along -- less silly Stars Hollow fluff and more substance.

*I totally want a pet pig now. Petals! But I still can't stand Kirk. Ugh.

*I could most definitely have done without "Stars Hollow: The Musical" in my life. What a waste of time!

*I get that it wasn't necessary to the plot and could quite possibly have been boring, but I wish Lorelai had actually hiked some of the Pacific Crest Trail. (I liked the whole "doing 'Wild'" bit, and the book vs. movie hikers.)

*Logan is as hot as ever. Swoon! (Though he's still a cheater... not swoon.) I really hoped he would just forget about his fiancee and make his relationship with Rory official and permanent. Maybe he will, after the big revelation at the end.

*I am totally not a crier, but there were definitely tears when Rory and Logan said goodbye.

*Oh my god, Jess! Even though I'm Team Logan, Jess was fucking hot. And as always, he helped guide Rory to the path she needed to be on. I wished there was more of him.

*It annoyed me in the original show what a tough time Rory had getting a job with her journalism degree from YALE, and it still annoyed me in the revival. I have a journalism degree from infinitely less prestigious Colorado State and I didn't have a problem getting a newspaper job after graduation.

*Even though it was kind of random and unrealistic, I really enjoyed the Life and Death Brigade segment!

*In the later seasons of the original show I often drooled over Rory's clothes, but I loved Lorelai's outfits in the revival. They were still full of personality, but classy too. (The photo to the right is one of my favorite outfits -- and something I would totally wear myself with jeans in place of the skirt.)

*I loved the Secret Bar! I remember it being mentioned though never shown in the original series, and I wish it had been!

*I enjoyed Emily's progression throughout the four episodes, from being utterly grief-stricken to selling the house, quitting the DAR, moving to Nantucket, being incredibly kind to her maid and volunteering to terrify guests at the whaling museum. In sneakers, no less!

*The story arc about Luke not understanding how surrogacy works was so tedious! Same goes for the giant painting of Richard, the Naomi Shropshire book, the confusion of Rory and Lorelai delivering the Stars Hollow Gazette around town, and the rotating celebrity chefs at the inn.

*I loved the story Lorelai told Emily about Richard in the Fall episode.

*I was totally expecting Kiefer Sutherland to make a cameo appearance!

*Paris looks awesome with the short hair and fancy clothes!

*The Stars Hollow gays/gay-borrowing thing... really?

*What exactly has Sookie been doing? I liked seeing her for the wedding cake scene (all those amazing cakes!), but the other references to her absence were kinda confusing.

*I was thrilled when Lorelai found the perfect way to expand the inn and hopefully keep Michel around.

*I loooooved the magical wedding set-up in the town square! I wasn't entirely crazy about Lorelai's wedding outfit, though. I presume that was just what she put on for the impromptu pre-wedding wedding, but I was dying to see her in a real wedding dress!

*The last four words... At first I was like "What?!?!" But after mulling it over, I kind of like the plot twist, even if it was recycled from 10 years ago. I just wish that hadn't been where it ended -- probably forever! Does Rory keep the baby?! If so, do she and Logan get together for real?! Is it a boy or a girl?! If it's a girl, will be be named Lorelai too? Does the baby help her get focused and get her life together or is she even more of a mess?! I need to know!


  1. Totally agree with so much!!!! I cried at the Logan goodbye and dream they are together now lol. I am also Team Logan but Jess did look hot as hell. I just listened to Lauren Grahams book and she talks about her wardrobe and picking out the perfect stuff for the revival. So she nailed that! Her hair? Not so much. The story arcs you didn't like were ones I didn't care for either. I guess i wouldn't be mad at the last four words if it didn't end on them. I want more! Great post :)


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