Friday, January 13, 2017

My Etsy Wishlist: Earrings Edition

I started a new library job not that long ago, and my work outfit consists of jeans and a uniform polo shirt. As much as a uniform shirt can be convenient, I desperately miss getting to wear whatever I wanted at my last library, and there's not that much room to personalize the outfit. One thing I can change up is my earrings! Not that I need any more earrings, but I couldn't resist doing a litle browsing on Etsy. I want all of these!

Etsy shop: BijouLimon

Etsy shop: MyPieceOfWood
(these are made with slices of tree branch!)

(I just ordered these!)

Etsy shop: OeiCeramics

Etsy shop: gabigabiheyshop
(made from Harry Potter book pages)

Etsy shop: VillaSorgenfrei

Etsy shop: TwikiConcept

 Etsy shop: Boutiqable

Etsy shop: gabigabiheyshop
(my favorite punctuation mark!)

Etsy shop: ArtGalleryAU

Etsy shop: Chrysalism

Etsy shop: Coryographies

Etsy shop: BubuRuby

Etsy shop: PaperHeartDaily

Etsy shop: katrinkles

Etsy shop: MaderaLane


  1. Oh man, the pineapple and tree branch ones are my favorites. So cute!

    1. I think I'm going to order the tree branch ones next. They're just gorgeous!

  2. Cute earrings! I can see why you want them all!

  3. I have a necklace from Paper Hearts Daily that says "Just one more chapter." I had bought it for someone at work who was leaving and loved it so much I ordered one for myself too. Love those earrings with the semicolons. Also my favorite punctuation; sad that they seem to have fallen out of favor.


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