Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getting Cozy

Last week, I finally stepped over that technology line that had been separating me from seemingly every other 25-year-old in America and got my first smartphone. I chose a Samsung Charge for a variety of reasons and so far I'm loving it! In the past, I would always just chuck my cell phone in my purse without a care, but my new smartphone has such a big, gorgeous, glossy -- and exceedingly fragile-looking -- screen, not to mention that even with the fantastic deal I got, it was still almost $200. So pretty much as soon as I took it out of the box, I knew I was going to knit it a cozy. I considered creating my own pattern, but since time was of the essence I chose a super-cute one from Ravelry, found here. I made a few adjustments to account for the larger size of the Charge, and voila!


  1. You are so cute Lindsay, I kind of expected you to make something like this. Haha.

  2. Very cool. Good way to keep your new phone safe!


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