Thursday, September 1, 2011

Inspiration: Vintage

This week's prompt for the Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop is vintage. The word vintage often brings to mind clothing, but I decided to focus my post on non-apparel vintage things that I love. (Though I admit to totally lusting after the "Mad Men" collection at Banana Republic!)

I like vintage travel art. The first picture shows the assortment of vintage-themed postcards and magnets that adorn our fridge. (Another thing I like is a refrigerator with some personality!) The second is a picture frame with four vintage-style Hawaii postcards that hangs on the wall of our Hawaii-themed guest bathroom.

When I think of vintage items, I imagine quality products made out of real wood by hand, rather than made from plastic by a machine in China. My grandma had a major antique collection and I treasure this old clock of hers.

I like the vintage feel of black and white photographs. The first picture is me in 1986 and the second photo is of my dad.

I love all that other stuff, but my favorite vintage thing is cars. For over a decade I have dreamt of owning a 1960s Mustang. I even begged my parents to get me one for my first car (sadly, they didn't deem them to be safe enough). My hubby also loves old muscle cars and someday we plan to fix one up together. I love the idea of sitting inside all that history.

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