Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Knitting: Newborn Elf Hat


My friend Melissa is expecting her second baby, a little girl, in the next couple weeks. She was a recipient of one of the newborn pumpkin hats I made, and she asked me last week if I could also knit an elf hat for her newborn pictures. And elf hat? Huh? Well, after looking online, it's apparent that these elongated elf hats are all the rage for newborn photo shoots -- which are also apparently all the rage. The elf hat looks a bit strange by itself, but I think it'll be really cute in the pictures. (Here's a good example on Etsy.)


The hat was pretty simple to make, although since I winged it my decreases are a bit wonky-looking. I used size 7 DPNs and cast on 64 stitches. I knitted for a couple inches and then began decreasing, but I spread the decreases out over a lot more rows to make a cone shape. Once my cone was the length I wanted, I did a few decrease rows to attain a tube shape, which I knitted for several inches until I thought the hat was long enough. I did two more decrease rows at the top to make it pointy-looking, wove in my gazillion ends from all the color changes and then added my giant pom-pom.


Attaching the pom-pom was the hardest part of this project for me. It was really tough to turn the hat inside out with the pom-pom on top to sew it in. I did the best I could (with my limited patience after weaving in 12 sets of yarn ends), and I was dismayed to see that the pom-pom didn't attach directly at the top like I'd planned. But then, after looking at it some more, I decided it looks really cute with the pom-pom hanging off the top of the hat a bit.


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