Friday, January 10, 2014

Furry Friday: Surviving Subzero Temperatures

As you undoubtedly heard or experienced yourself, it was ridiculously and agonizingly cold from the Midwest to the east coast this week. Monday was the worst for us; it was in the negative digits all day with a "feels like" temperature in the -30s! The biting, gusty wind was the worst part -- it cut right through every layer of clothing. We had to take Conan to the vet for his chemotherapy Monday at noon and there was hardly a soul out braving the slippery roads and frosty weather. We had lunch at the always-busy PF Chang's while Conan was getting his treatment and there were fewer than 10 other diners!

Even with the fireplace and a space heater running, our furnace struggled to attain 65 degrees and couldn't make it a degree more. We actually resorted to sipping some of the moonshine we bought on our Tennessee trip to warm up our insides! On Monday night I was bundled up in two pairs of socks, slippers, sweatpants, a thermal shirt and sweatshirt, a scarf and fingerless mittens -- in the house! Our upstairs is actually colder than the downstairs, and when we finally make the chilly trek to bed I mounded four extra blankets on top of us, animals included. Monday was the coldest day I've ever experienced -- and I hope it stays that way!

Yup, that says it felt like -32 degrees at 4 in the afternoon.

This is how Conan spent the day -- bundled up under several blankets with just his face poking out. Lily curled up by the fireplace.

I thought I'd include these pictures too. They're from the weekend, before our arctic blast, but they're just so cute. For Christmas I made my grandma a Colts no-sew fleece blanket. Conan insisted on "helping" -- i.e. settling down right in my way on top of the blanket and then pretending to be a sack of potatoes when I asked him to move. So I decided to make him his own new blankie (new because he already has a few dog-themed blankets, but they're not handmade by Mommy) and both Conan and Lily just love it.
Rarely will Lily snuggle this close to Conan, but I guess the appeal of a cozy new blanket is warrants some sacrifice!


  1. I am glad it looks like Conan doing so well! It is always nice when our furry babies finally sleep together :-) Sending warm thoughts your way!

  2. I love your Furry Fridays. Conan is so adorable and Lily is so pretty. There is something great about a new blanket. :)

    1. Thanks Holly! Unfortunately, handsome as he is, Conan hates having his picture taken and we have to do it very stealthily!


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