Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Knitting FO: Robin the Striped

Robin the Striped
Pattern: Flock by Meg Bakewell

Last year I made a baby mobile for a friend that was adorned with five colorful knit birds. (Here's a look at that project.) Way back then, my mom requested I make her a little bird too, and I finally got around to it for her birthday this month. Mom likes robins and the Denver Broncos, so I decided on a pretty medium blue and a pumpkin orange for her bird. Robin the Striped turned out so cute!
Two tips if you want to make one (or several) of these little guys:
1. When I made all the birds for the mobile, I didn't really like the way they looked where I stitched the wings to the body. This time I cast on my wing stitches with size 3 needles so the stitches would be tighter and not gap as much. Of course, this might have just happened because I'm really bad at sewing knit stuff and just kind of winged it. (Pun intended...) Either way, I was much happier with the wing seams this time.
2. I used black worsted weight yarn to make Robin's eyes, which I think I like better than the embroidery floss eyes of the mobile birds. These stand out much more.

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