Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Favorite Lunch: Homemade Tomato Bisque

Today was cold and snowy with gusty, house-rattling wind, and it was the perfect time for my favorite lunch -- soup and a sandwich. There are several soup recipes that we love, but my go-to is tomato bisque. Today we had it with mozzarella-pesto grilled cheese sandwiches. Yummm.

I've been whipping up this tomato soup for a couple of years now and it always tastes amazing. I found it on Allrecipes, where it's known as Creamy Tomato Bisque III (here) and make it mostly as written, with just a few changes:

1. I cut the recipe in half but still use one whole carrot and one entire stalk of celery.
2. I use half-and-half or heavy cream interchangeably, depending on what's on hand, and it's good either way.
3. I add some dried basil (maybe 1 tsp) and some crushed red pepper flakes (just a sprinkle) for zing.
4. I puree all the soup, not just 3/4 as the recipe suggests.

If you've been eating tomato soup from a can, try this fairly quick and easy (and sorta healthy, maybe?) recipe and you'll never go back! It's the perfect cozy, warm lunch for a snowy, blustery day -- I can vouch for that!

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