Thursday, July 17, 2014

Feathered Friday

Happy Friday! I wanted to share some pictures of the adorable baby swans (aka "ugly ducklings") we encountered last weekend. My aunt and uncle have a lakeside cottage in northern Indiana and Jarrod and I stayed there over weekend. We were in the area for a family get-together and my mom flew in for the occasion.
Here's my mom and me with the swan family. Did you know baby swans are called cygnets?

Daddy Swan was a bit aggressive! We fed the swans some bread and Dad kept snatching it out of the water before the kids could get to it. There was a hilarious moment, though, where Dad had a piece of bread hanging out of his mouth and two or three babies attempted to rip it away from him. Dad started paddling angrily in circles, keeping the bread just out of the kids' grasp, and finally managed to scarf the chunk of bread down without sharing. The joys of parenthood, I guess! 

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  1. It was fun watching them. The dad was larger than I expected. Fun time.


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