Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top 10 TV Shows + Some I Want To Watch

The prompt for this week's Top Ten Tuesday at The Broke and the Bookish is top 10 favorite movies or TV shows. I decided to go with:

Top 10 Favorite TV Shows
I don't watch a ton of TV when it's actually on, but we do watch several shows on DVD, or we'll record an entire season of something on the DVR for viewing later. That really seems to be the best way to watch TV nowadays -- you get to skip all the commercials and watch all the episodes at your leisure (or in a binge!). These aren't really in any particular order; I love them all!

1. Game of Thrones
After the second episode of season 1, my husband and I were hooked! We even ordered HBO this spring just so we could watch season 4!

2. Elementary
I love this modern-day take on Sherlock Holmes, in which Watson is a woman (played by Lucy Liu).

3. Switched at Birth
Ahh, my guilty pleasure. This ABC Family show is about two teen girls who find out they were switched at birth -- and about so much more. One of the girls is deaf, so there's an entire deaf element. There are teenage angsty problems and romantic relationships, but we also see into the lives of their parents and siblings. Drama everywhere!

4. Downton Abbey
The second I heard the title of this show, before I even knew had a clue what it was about, I somehow knew I would love it. I enjoy the progression through the years, the changing of the times, the upstairs/downstairs element... oh, and the clothes!

5. Homeland
This CIA thriller of a show captivates us, and as an Air Force spouse I like the military component. We just finished watching season 2 on DVD and we're anxiously awaiting the release of season 3!

TURN is a new show that just aired this spring on AMC. It's a dramatization of the true story of "America's first spy ring" -- formed during the American revolution and made up of childhood friends. The depictions of colonial life were enough to hook me in, but the story is interesting and I love historical fiction!

7. Deadliest Catch
We always watch this show about crab fishing in the Bering Sea. I'm not normally one for reality TV, but this show rocks!

8. Bones
We started watching Bones on Netflix last winter and loved it! We only made it through season 1 but we'll eventually watch the rest. Dr. Brennan is badass!

And two that aren't on anymore:
9. Gilmore Girls
I watched the entire show a couple years ago when we were in Hawaii; a friend was kind of enough to loan me all the DVDs. I wished I had watched it in high school and college when it was actually on -- Rory is a great role model, and she worked at the school paper and got a journalism degree just like me!

10. American Dreams
I adored this show that took place in the 1960s and dealt with everything from race relations and the Vietnam War to high school football and American Bandstand. I so wish they'd release more than just season 1 on DVD!

And a few that I want to watch:

1. Breaking Bad

2. Foyle's War

3. Call the Midwife

4. Murdoch Mysteries

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  1. Oh I love Elementary! I think they've done such a great job modernizing/Americanizing it but still keeping the spirit the same. Bones is really good too for awhile. They lost me a year or two ago but I've been wanting to go back and rewatch the earlier seasons. You've got some great episodes coming up! My husband and I watch Deadliest Catch together. I love it though I am now certain that at no point am I destined to do anything involving fishing!


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