Monday, July 7, 2014

My Etsy Wish List: July

It's been over six months since I've done an Etsy wish-list post and I figured it was time to share some lovely new finds with you. You can see four of my favorite things reflected here: books, letter-writing, knitting and jewelry.

Etsy shop: bluedogrose
8x10 print: $35
This great shop -- a recent discovery -- deserves the top spot on my wish list because I love every single piece of whimsical artwork for sale! It's tough to pick a favorite, but I'm strongly considering purchasing this print for the guestroom. I adore the rabbits, the red chair, the cozy feeling, and of course the books!

Etsy shop: Visuaria
11x14 print: $19
I like everything about this eye-catching print!

Etsy shop: MeAndMyTee
T-shirt: $20
This shirt would be perfect to wear to work at the library on days when I feel like being casual! 

Etsy shop: MisterStamp
Wax seal with one wax block: $21.99
I've been considering purchasing a wax seal for my letters for months now. And I'm pretty sure a wax seal + Harry Potter = the coolest letters ever. 

Etsy shop: ahueofduckeggblue
Rubber stamp: $10-12
What a fun way to decorate the envelopes when I write to my penpals!

Etsy shop: witandwhistle
4 cards: $7.50
More letter-writing supplies! These snail mail note cards are cute and clever.

Etsy shop: HouseRabbitHandcraft
Shirt: $22.50
This shirt says "I heart knitting" -- and I heart this shirt! I'd be curious to see how many people understood the picture; maybe I'd meet some fellow knitters!

Etsy shop: HapaGirls
Bracelet: $49
This bracelet handcrafted from copper and sterling silver is just gorgeous -- and it reminds me of all the wonderful days we spent at the beach in Hawaii. I have plenty of necklaces and earrings but very few bracelets, and I'd like to start incorporating them into my wardrobe.

Etsy shop: Bstamped
Bracelet: $18
I really like this sentiment. Too often I worry about doing the wrong thing, messing up or looking dumb. This bracelet tells me to say yes, be spontaneous, have fun and enjoy life.

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