Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Etsy Wish List: January

Between looking for Christmas gifts and finding a wedding present for some friends, I've spent plenty of time on Etsy in the past two months and have found plenty of awesome handmade products to share with you!

Etsy shop: winemakerssister
Harry Potter stitch markers: $10.95 for five
Owl stitch markers: $11.95 for four
I am definitely going to buy some stitch markers from this shop; I just have to decide which set I want! I love these two, but there are a few others I'm considering too. I like that you can choose between three sizes of markers and one in each set has a different color bead to denote the start of the round. So handy! I've always used the cheap-o plain red and blue plastic stitch markers and I'm ready to prettify my knitting up a bit!

Etsy shop: noblegnome
Price: $32
I loooove this beautiful hammered copper arrow necklace! I'd probably go with the 30- or 32-inch chain so it'd hang low. I think this is one Etsy jewelry find that will be enhancing my wardrobe soon!

Etsy shop: BackBayPottery
Price: $38
These dainty little ceramic bird earrings are so pretty! I've already bought a couple things from this shop and they've been awesome. I also like that you can choose between three different types of ear wires for these earrings.

Etsy shop: stampcouture
Price: $8
This simple leafy stamp would be great for decorating envelopes and packages. I love how the seller stamped the brown gift bag in the above picture.

Etsy shop: CSSDesign
Price: $40
I love a good pun! Wouldn't this be so cute to hang in the kitchen?

Etsy shop: katrinkles
Price: $20
What fun earrings for the knitter in your life! Many people would probably just glance at them and see an interesting pattern, but the fiber artist would immediately notice the knit and purl stitches!

Etsy shop: SmirkingGoddess
Price: $3
Unfortunately, we have a stainless steel dishwasher so this wouldn't stick, but it was just too cute (and true!) not to share! Conan always loved "helping" with the dishes! :)

Etsy shop: LisaBarbero
Price: $12+
I wish this didn't clash horribly with the bathroom decor we have going on, because it just cracks me up!

Etsy shop: stratussilver
Price: $109+
I really like nature-themed stuff and this branch bracelet is just gorgeous. I don't wear bracelets very often, but I'd wear this one!

Etsy shop: thewheatfield
Price: $18+
I already own two prints from this shop and I love them! This one is not only gorgeous but has a sentiment I totally agree with!

Etsy shop: laalee
Price: $24+
These druzy necklaces are so sparkly and eye-catching! I especially like the teal one, but they're all pretty.

Etsy shop: Cyberoptix 
Price: $44
Well, I'll be the first to admit that I don't need any more scarves! But I do work at a library, and this old-fashioned library due date card print caught my eye!

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  1. These are great finds! I love the bird earrings, flowers and moon print, and library due date card scarf!


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