Monday, January 12, 2015

A Simple Winter Wreath

There's a weird decorating gap between Christmas and Valentine's Day. It's too late for red and green stuff, too early for hearts and Cupids. I never know what too put on the front door for those few weeks, so this year I decided to craft a winter wreath for January.

I started with a plain grapevine wreath, added some greenery, some whitery, and a few pinecones -- and there you have the world's easiest winter wreath! I also bought some purple and blue flowers in the same style as the white ones, as well as a wooden letter S, but in the end I liked the simple look.

And the color scheme is perfect for winter -- right now when I look out my window, I see green shrubs, brown tree branches and white snow. I almost bought a little cardinal to perch on my wreath, but all the faux birds Michael's had to offer were in pretty sad shape (poor things!).



  1. Very pretty! I have the same decorating gap problem. I have a very small heart-shaped wreath with pink and red roses that's for Valentine's Day, but doesn't look overly Valentine-ish. But I love what you did there!

  2. I love you wreath for January? Very fresh and bright, perfect for your front door. Adorable door mat too!


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