Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014: My Year in Pictures...

It's hard to believe 2014 has come and gone! It's bittersweet -- it wasn't a bad year overall, but we lost our sweet boxer boy Conan to cancer in March and no matter what other awesome adventures we had that'll be what we remember most about 2014. And it means we only have one year left here in Ohio before our next military move, which is exciting and sad at the same time. I have high hopes for the year ahead and I wish you a wonderful 2015 too! Tomorrow I'll share what's on the agenda for the next 12 months.

Here's a look back at 2014:
January: Polar vortex. Brr! On the coldest day, I was bundled up under a blanket by the fireplace in a few layers of clothes along with a hat, scarf and mittens! Our furnace wouldn't get over 64 degrees, but I was grateful it didn't die like some people's!

February: The Broncos humiliate themselves in the Super Bowl. :(
March 2: Goodbye, Conan. I still miss you every single day.
conan collage 1

March: A soggy, cold weekend in Philadelphia. (More pictures here.)

May: A fantastic trip to Smoky Mountain National Park! (More pictures here.)

May: The Indy 500!

June: Jarrod does the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience I bought him as a gift. Not surprisingly, he had the fastest lap time of the day. I was a proud wife! :)

June: A weekend getaway to Hocking Hills in southern Ohio to celebrate our six-year anniversary. Here we are on our hike to Rock House.

July: We meet up with Mom in Indiana to visit relatives! I was thrilled to show Jarrod around northern Indiana Amish country where my parents grew up and where I spent so many summers as a kid visiting my grandmas.

July: The NASCAR truck race at Eldora Speedway in western Ohio.

August: The Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago with Jarrod and my brother, Andy. A fabulous three days of concert craziness, plus deep-dish pizza, the art museum, the Hancock Building and an architecture tour. (Tons more pictures from our awesome trip here and here.)

August: My best friend Katie visits and we go to the Mansfield Reformatory where "The Shawshank Redemption" was filmed. (More pictures here.) (As my feet are crammed into slippers and I'm snuggled under a heated throw, I can't help but stare enviously at our flip-flopped feet!)

August: Red hair, with help from Katie.

October: Mom and Dad visit and get to experience the mouthwatering fare at Schmidt's Sausage Haus in Columbus.

Back to the Smoky Mountains for a long weekend to celebrate my 29th birthday! Horseback riding in the mountains the day of. Best birthday yet!
Halloween: I wear my Hermione costume to work at the library. Approximately 50% of patrons (and some co-workers!!!!) think I'm wearing a graduation gown and my costume is "graduate." WTF, people?!

November: Thanksgiving with Grandma in Indiana and my first time having fried turkey, expertly prepared by my Southern-boy husband. Nom nom nom!

December: Best. Christmas. Tree. Ever. This baby is 9 1/2 feet of pure splendor. We haven't been able to bring ourselves to dismantle it yet.

December: The not-so-ugly ugly sweater. (I thought it was pretty tacky... nobody else did! Sigh. Sometimes I feel like I can't do anything right!)

And those are some of the highlights of my year! What memories will you hold onto from 2014?

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  1. What a great year to remember! You guys had all kinds of fun adventures in 2014. We all miss Conan though. I still like your 'ugly sweater'.


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