Thursday, January 22, 2015

Style Challenge: Wear a Bright Color

It's week 2 of the Style Challenge created by Audrey, awesome fashion blogger from Putting Me Together. Last week's prompt was to wear a dress, and that was definitely a challenge for me. This week, it's wear a bright color.

Not hard at all, since my closet is full of them! I do think I could've put a little more effort and creativity into my look, though, since this outfit is pretty run-of-the-mill for me. The Style Challenges should help me push my boundaries or experiment with new looks, not just pick any ol' thing that I'd normally wear. But, alas, this outfit does feature my favorite bright color combo -- coral and turquoise.
This is the world's worst picture of my outfit (well, it did beat out the other four I took!), but I had just gotten home from work and it was about to rain, so I had to hustle!

What's your favorite bright, happy color to wear? Stop by next week to see how I pull off the Challenge for week 3: copy a look from Pinterest!


  1. Love these two colors on you. They must be your favorites because they are beachy colors.

    1. You are so right -- they are beachy! Wish I was at the beach now... ;)


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