Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Knitting Update: Follow Your Arrow 2 MKAL


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I am totally loving this mystery knit-along! So far I've chosen all clue Bs. This week I selected B because of the word "cables." Cables are my very most favorite thing to knit, so I didn't even consider the other option. It turns out these cables weren't exactly run of the mill, but rather "elongated cables," and they created these super-awesome arrows!

I'm thinking I'll name my shawl something like A Walk in the Woods or Winter Woods... or A Walk in the Winter Woods; all the design elements so far remind me of nature. And the gray yarn just complements the theme so nicely!

I actually have some darker gray yarn that I had planned to use as a contrast color, but I didn't have it on hand for clue 1 or 2 (it arrived the day clue 2 came out, but I couldn't wait to dive right in) and I thought it might look strange to suddenly introduce a new color in clue 3, so it looks like I'll probably have a one-color shawl. But that's fine -- this oh-so-lightly vareigated light gray Malabrigo is just beautiful!

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  1. Love the pattern on your shawl. The yarn is so pretty too. Let me know what you end up naming it.


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