Thursday, February 12, 2015

Style Challenge: Wear A Valentine's Color

The Style Challenge at Putting Me Together this week is to wear red, pink or purple in honor of Valentine's Day. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day as a couple (Jarrod thinks it's a totally commercialized fake holiday, and really, it is) but I still like to send cards, decorate and wear appropriate colors.

I actually had planned for this post to feature three outfits with a different color each day. But the pictures of my coral sweater from yesterday didn't come out at all (thanks, perpetually gloomy Ohio weather, for the horrible lighting) and today it's snowing so I can't wear the red flats I had planned. So! That leaves just one outfit -- the pink one!

I really love the way this outfit came together! I just bought the striped sweater from Old Navy and this was the first time I'd worn it. It's super-comfy, although a little lightweight for this time of year.
The pink flats... oh, I love them. But horror of horrors, I somehow got mud or some random library goo on them at work Tuesday! Any tips on cleaning suede would be appreciated! I found some info online, but I'm nervous to mess up my favorite shoes even more!

I'm really excited about next week's Style Challenge: wear something you haven't worn in over six months. I definitely have some things lurking in the dark depths of my closet that haven't seen the light of day in quite a while. Maybe I'll make a week of it!


  1. This is such a cute outfit, perfect for a Valentine's theme! I wore so much pink in high school that I rarely wear it these days but in adorable flat form, I would totally wear this! I had a pair just like this from Nine West that I returned because they hurt my feet. I really hope you're doing able to clean yours!

    Visiting from the Style Challenge :)

  2. I love the stripes with the pink flats! I'm like you, so many things in my closet to choose from for next week's challenge! I wish I knew a good trick for cleaning suede!

  3. I have some hot pink shoes suede flats and I love them--they really brighten up the outfit. I've heard from someone who read on A Beautiful Mess blog that you can file away stains from suede shoes. Haven't tried it myself:

    1. Thanks so much for the link, Megan! Fingers crossed!

  4. I love this mix of classic stripes and bright pink shoes! I have similar items so I may just have to recreate this look!
    Shea Lennon


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