Thursday, February 19, 2015

Style Challenge: Wear Something That Hasn't Left Your Closet in 6+ Months

I was really excited about this week's Putting Me Together Style Challenge -- wear something you haven't worn in more than six months. I browsed through my closet and, let me tell you, I'm almost ashamed of how many things I found that fit the challenge.
After digging out a bunch of pieces that haven't seen the light of day in quite a long time, I put together several outfits for the week. But Ohio decided not to cooperate, and I didn't get a chance to wear two of the cutest ones because they'd really look better with flats -- and our weather this week has been snow, snow, and bitter freakin' cold -- and I wasn't about to freeze my little tootsies off! (In just over a week I'll be sinking my feet into some warm Hawaii sand I'd really like to have all my toes for that experience!)

Monday: Jarrod and I both had the day of work so we went out to lunch at Panera Bread -- the perfect lunch for a snowy day. Although who am I kidding? I could eat soup and a sandwich for lunch every day forever!

The gold-sequined tank top has languished in my closet for at least two years. I can't remember the last time I wore those gold earrings. And I bought the boots from Target over Thanksgiving and (for some crazy reason!) hadn't ever gotten around to wearing them. Paired with my workhorse pink sweater, I think everything came together to make a pretty cute outfit!
 Tuesday: Work.

I'm really not much of a dress person, and I last wore this dress over two years ago when we lived in Hawaii. And this cream cardigan... it's a perfectly good sweater, but for some reason I never think to grab it. I guess I always gravitate  more toward my gray and tan sweaters. This was my favorite outfit of the week; it was cute and surprisingly comfy.
Wednesday: Work and grocery shopping in horrendous weather. (Snow and slippery roads followed by sunshine, wind and extreme cold. Brr.)

I bought this sweater from Macy's a couple years ago on clearance and with an extra coupon. Its original price was over $100 (!!!) and I guess since it's so fragile I was afraid to wear and wash it too often. Which is too bad, because while the color is still gorgeous the silhouette is a bit outdated. The paper-bead necklace and freshwater pearl earrings also don't get enough wear -- and they match perfectly with the pink sweater!

In case you're wondering, no, I didn't wear these slippers to work. Though wouldn't that be nice?! I had on the same boots from Tuesday's outfit, but after grocery shopping they were covered in snow and salt and I couldn't bring them in the house. Alas, you get to see what I wear all day, every day, when I'm at home. I have two pairs of these L.L. Bean slippers and I really could not live without them.
I loved this challenge! It was fun and forced me to look through all my clothes and re-discover some great pieces that don't get enough wear -- or else are just completely forgotten about, like the poor lonely dress from Tuesday. I encourage you to take a browse through your closet and see if you have as much luck as I did!


  1. I am super envious of all your beautiful sweaters! I should really invest in more cardigans because they can bring life to some otherwise bland outfits.

    Also, I'd totally support you wearing slippers to work.

    1. I'd almost say I have to reverse problem -- too many cardigans! They're my favorite piece of clothing for fall and winter. I like how they allow me to still wear my tank tops and short-sleeve shirts in winter to mix things up a bit -- they're so versatile. I do have a few pullover sweaters, but cardigans are my thing! :)

  2. You did great with the style challenge! I love that you implemented the challenge into your entire week's outfits instead of just one. Perhaps I should have done that... haha I'm also quite jealous that you'll be in Hawaii next week. I would love to escape to that warm paradise!


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