Thursday, March 9, 2017

Etsy Wishlist: Puppy Edition!


If you haven't already, meet Alohi, our adorable boxer puppy! It's been three years since our sweet Conan passed away and I avoided dog-related stuff for a good chunk of that time because it was just too sad. But now that we've got a new furbaby in our lives, I can browse dog goodies again with a light heart. Below is a glimpse at some of the fantastic canine merchandise on Etsy!

Etsy shop: themadstampers

Etsy shop: fieldtrip

Etsy shop: PinkysPetGear


Etsy shop: PuddleJumperPups

Etsy shop: AsherAndGrayDesigns
*Pineapples for our Hawaiian pup!

 Etsy shop: Wooflings

$32 (!?!?)
*This is more inspiration to make this myself than something I'd actually buy. I'm pretty sure you could make this yourself for like $3 with some flannel from the craft store!

Etsy shop: jclayPottery

Etsy shop: SmirkingGoddess

*Handmade boxer Christmas ornament? Yes, please!

Etsy shop: BeWildandFree
*I own a floral seahorse print by this artist and it's so pretty!

Etsy shop: AfricanGrey
*I'd probably pop this in frame and keep this for myself rather then mail it off to someone!

Etsy shop: PrintitLoveitMugs

Etsy shop: BoxRoomBazaar
*I bought a couple of these as Christmas gifts the year before last and they were wonderful (and now I need one for me!)! A great bargain for a custom pet portrait, too. The dog portraits are not up for sale at the moment (only her cat ones) but I'm sure they will be again at some point.

Etsy shop: symmetricalpottery

Etsy shop: claylicious
*Kinda pricey, but I really want one!


  1. Ah I love this wishlist!!The mug is one I need (with my kind of puppy on it :) ) and love those treat canisters. Man Etsy is somewhere I could drop so much money - I love all the things!!

  2. We lost our beloved Newfie last October and almost immediately started looking for a new puppy. I had originally said no new dog for at least a year. But we immediately felt the loss in our space both physically and in his spirit. It's hard not to miss a 150lb dog in our one was stepping over him constantly, so we started looking. We are number one on the list, so hopefully soon. I love the Etsy list and will probably be looking soon.

  3. Great wishlist. I adore the card and agree I would pop it in a frame. I also like the Christmas ornament and the picture with the pawprint. And I think you definitely need to buy the pineapple bandana. My dogs love wearing them.


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