Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Favorite Debut Authors of 2015

This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic -- from the ladies at The Broke and the Bookish blog -- is 2016 debuts we're excited for. I'm not sure I have any upcoming books by first-time authors on my to-read list and the effort involved in finding some seemed rather exhausting, so I'm doing my own take on the topic.

The Best Debut Authors of 2015:

J. Ryan Stradal // Scott Hawkins

Anna Freeman // Claire Fuller

Erika Swyler // Neil Smith
(So this isn't exactly Smith's first book; he has a short-story compilation, but this is his first novel so I felt it worthy of the list!)
 no review (sad face) // review

Nicola Yoon // Paula Hawkins


  1. Thanks for a great list. I bookmarked the post!

  2. Yes, J. Ryan Stradel and Scott Hawkins are both fantastic! Nicola Yoon is also great! I didn't have anything for this week's topic either so I just skipped it, but this list was a great idea.


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