Thursday, August 18, 2011

Inspiration: Front Porch

Aloha! I'm participating again this week in the Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop, and this week's prompt is "the front porch." I've always dreamt of having a house with a gorgeous wrap-around front porch. It'll have a swing, some rocking chairs, a comfy rug for Conan to lay on and plenty of flowers. It'll play host to jack-o-lanterns in the fall, cups of cocoa drunk under a cozy blanket in the winter, drips of ketchup and mustard when the grill comes out in the spring and plenty of red, white and blue bunting in the summer. I love to be outside, and my porch will be a place to read, relax and share laughter with friends and family. Right now we have no porch to speak of, and the backyard is a haven for mosquitoes and ants. So for the moment, my welcoming wrap-around porch is just a fantasy.



  1. Nice porch pic. Such a cute blog!

  2. I'll take it! Perfect for rocking evenings away and just sitting and enjoying a good book.


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