Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday #10

Happy Wednesday, WIWW friends! I've had a fairly good week and I'm in a much better mood than the last time we met. I've been trying to stay busy and I spent a lot of time crafting this week. With the help of a tutorial, I turned a long-sleeve t-shirt into a ruffled tank top (see Tuesday's outfit and my blog post on that feat here) and I'm working on a knitted fall door-knob decoration. Also, I've just completed the most adorable knitting project, but it's a gift so I'll have to wait to show you until after the gift is given. Anyway, on to WIWW! I'm pretty pleased with the outfits I selected this week. And I'm proud of myself for wearing shorts three times! (After you read my diatribe beneath the Monday outfit, you'll realize that I'm not exactly a fan of shorts.) I noticed that I wear jeans pretty much every day -- even though I live in Hawaii where the high for the day pretty much always ranges between 80 and 88 degress -- and my goal is to incorporate other types of pants, as well as skirts and shorts and dresses, into my daily wardrobe. As usual, I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy blog.

Top: Old Navy
Shorts: American Eagle
Earrings: Bealls Florida

Tank top: Old Navy
Jeans: Seven For All Mankind, Nordstrom
Earrings: made by my friend Ming

(My favorite outfit of the week! I love this new top!)
Top: DKNY, Pearl Harbor Navy Exchange
Jeans: Seven For All Mankind, Nordstrom

Embellished tank top: Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted
White tank top: Target
Shorts: American Eagle
Shell bracelet: Bealls Florida

(Because of WIWW, I've been trying not to leave the house in t-shirts anymore. So to make up for my t-shirt-wearing crime, I forced myself to wear shorts instead of my usual jeans! I despise traditional shorts and even though I own several pairs I seldom wear them. That's due to the unfortunate expansion of my thighs the past few years, the fact that I can never seem to find a pair that's comfortable, and the observation that each summer when I go to buy new shorts, the inseams have shrunk yet again. So wearing short shorts -- out of the house! -- was a big accomplishment for me.)
CSU shirt: Target, Colorado Springs
Shorts: American Eagle

Pink tank top: made by ME! (see post here)
White tank top: Target
Jeans: Seven For All Mankind, Nordstrom
Necklace: Magnabilities, gift from best friend


  1. Great job on the restyle!! And the floral Old Navy top is so pretty! :)

  2. I love your Friday top! I only wear shorts when I'm camping or hiking because I think they're terrible.

  3. I love the Old Navy top but the DKNY looks great on you. Your pink t-shirt you made turned out great.

  4. I love that dkny shirt! just saw this one too. haha. and of course the CSU outfit is my favorite :)


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