Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let (Me) Eat Cake!

To welcome Jarrod home on Saturday, I decided to bake a cake. There's really no need for me to bake when he's not here (which is a bummer because I love to bake!), and I'd been salivating over a recipe for a cannoli cake in this month's Taste of Home magazine.

The recipe called for a boxed mix (I generally shy away from those in favor of homemade, but the rest of the cake was rather time-consuming so the convenience of a boxed mix was a relief). The second step is to prepare the cannoli filling, consisting of ricotta cheese, chopped chocolate, powdered sugar, rum extract, almond extract and vanilla.

The frosting calls for two containers of marscapone cheese, but my eyes bulged out when I saw that it was $5.99 per carton at the commissary. (No way am I making $12 frosting.) So I did a quick check for substitutes and went with the option of 8 oz. of cream cheese plus 1/4 cup cream. The frosting also contains almond extract and I thought the combination of that with cream cheese was divine. I'll probably use it on more cakes in the future. It would even be magical on a simple chocolate cake.

The least fun part about baking is cleaning up the mess left behind by the tornado (a.k.a. me) that blew through the kitchen.

But the best part is enjoying all your hard work, one mouthwatering forkful at a time. This cake was definitely a winner!


  1. I loved your photo shoot pics! They were so pretty! And that cake looks delicious.

  2. WOW! Your cake looks delicious! Yummmm. Andy thought so too.


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